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Bonnybee hemp wraps

Our new beeswax wraps are made with Hemp fabric and are coloured using natural dyes from leaves, bark & roots foraged locally, so no harmful toxins are used to colour the fabric.

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Single Wrap

A great size for half cut onions, tomatoes, to cover jars. Theses single wraps comes 4 different sizes: SMALL (20 X 20 cm), MEDIUM (25 X 25 cm), LARGE (30 x 30 cm) and EXTRA LARGE (36 x 36 cm).

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3 mix pack

Perfect pack for veggies, fruit, cheese & lunches. The 3 Mix Pack contains SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE.

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4mix pack

Great pack for veggies, fruit, cheese, salad bowls, a plate of leftovers & lunches. The 4 Mix Pack contains SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and EXTRA LARGE.

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Bonnybee is not just a commercial strategy, it's also an opportunity to investigate sustainable solutions and share them with the community

Together we can generate social awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem and living in harmony with nature; and a beeswax wrap is a step in the right direction.

Our wraps are made from the world's purest beeswax and organic cotton. They're breathable and keep your food fresher than the single use plastic food wraps.


Bonnybee Wraps are a eco-friendly food wraps. Sustainable, breathable, antibacterial & compostable. A great alternative to disposable plastic wraps.

Handcrafted in Australia with Solar Power using:

Pure Beeswax, chemical free & water filtered from NSW. Jojoba Oil Organic, Premium Virgin Grade Cold Pressed from Queensland. Organic Cotton with low impact dyes, from Cloud 9 Sustainable Farm in India. Organic Pine Resin, from India.


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