Beeswax Wraps with Hemp Fabric

Our new beeswax wraps are made with Hemp fabric and are coloured using natural dyes from leaves, bark & roots foraged locally.

Hemp grows at a rapid rate requiring less than 1% of the water that cotton requires, it’s naturally insect and fungus resistance therefore no pesticides or chemicals are required. It is also readily renewable, making Hemp one of the most sustainable fibres.

Our Hemp Wraps are made with natural dyes, so no harmful toxins are used to colour the fabric. For our first season of wraps we have experimented with Eucalyptus leaves, Eucalyptus Bark, Banksia leaves, Banksia Cones, Turmeric, Alkanet Root, Mate (Yerba), Annatto Seed.

Our Hemp is grown and woven in China is mix with 45% Organic Cotton.

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Our beeswax wraps are a great alternative to disposable plastic wraps.