Individual Medium Wrap Green Leaves

Individual Medium Wrap Green Leaves


25 x 25 cm

A great size for avocados, fruits and veggies, cheeses.

Handcrafted with solar energy using:

Beeswax (100% pure Australian Beeswax. Chemical free & water filtered, from Queensland);

Jojoba Oil (Organic, Premium Virgin Grade Cold Pressed from Queensland);

Organic Cotton (with low impact dyes, sourced from Cloud 9 Sustainable Farm in India)

Pine Resin

Take a Bonnybee Wrap and with the heat of your hands press the cloth, then mould the wrap over the containers or food you intend on keeping fresh. A great alternative to Glad Wrap, these malleable wraps can be reused up to 12 months. The fabric can then be recoated and used again or composted.

You can use it to preserve sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, cheeses, bread, salads, etc. Not recommended for raw meat & do not use in the microwave, oven and dishwasher.

After every couple of uses, wash your wrap with cool water & occasional with mild soap. Rinse and air-dry away from direct sunlight.

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